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Hi creative and client community.

I'm proud to share some of the experiences with my 20 years in the creative industry building brands.


What client's say.

June 2023 - JODI RAVE Founder / Indigenous Media Freedom Alliance

Logo Design

People loved the logo. So many people kept saying it was beautiful.

I say we have the best logo of any newspaper in the country!

Just wanted to pass that on to you. 


July 2022 - Founder / CEO Jungle Communications .

Pink Breast Cancer Center NJ / OOH Campaign + Social

Howie was a delight to work with. His creative direction demonstrated his talent,

good listening skills, and willingness to come to the table with well baked ideas.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and our team truly enjoyed collaborating with him.


Graham Moore

Assistant Chief Secretary for Organizational Development

at The Salvation Army in Canada

Salvation Army Donation / Brand Campaign.

The Salvation Army first used the "We See What Most Don't" Campaign in 2006. This advertising creative was meant to starkly convey that often times people living on the streets appear invisible to us as we quickly pass by.  By revealing this through ghost-like characters, huddling to keep warm on streets and on park benches, we were able to remind people that The Salvation Army is there to help people even when no one else notices them.  As well, the opportunity was taken to educate the public about a few quick facts: 1. The Salvation Army served 1.4 million meals last year, 2. The Salvation Army helped 10,000 people dealing with an addiction last year and 3.  The Salvation Army provided one third of all shelter beds in Canada last year. The TV commercial was done so that the vulnerable mother and daughter were in the initial shot but were not noticed until the mother moved slightly about 10 or 12 seconds into the spot. The voice over at the end asked people to open their eyes and give. All of this along with the haunting music made a huge impression and was very well received.Fundraising income increased 10% that first Christmas.


This campaign was created with care and painstaking precision. Our desire to reflect the characters as invisible but not too ghost-like or washed out required a great deal of finesse and talent. We believe that this was achieved with excellence, and the reality of the campaign was even better than we could have imagined in our initial discussions when the vision was suggested by our advertising agency. We appreciated the desire of our ad agency to get it right and do whatever it takes to make it right. They involved us throughout the process to ensure that there were no surprises or disappointment with the end product. Overall, it was one of the best campaigns we have ever used.



Sherry Powell

Director of Marketing & Communications

The Florida Orchestra

“The creative direction from Howard on our ‘Disconnect’ TV spot was really driven by the need to put classical music in a new light.  The message comes through loud and clear; a Florida Orchestra concert experience is a refreshing change from our hectic busy lives.  It has captured peoples’ attention… and imagination.”



Brian Kroening


Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director

I would gladly refer Howard Beauchamp as Art Director/ Creative Director. 

Howard has great strategic skills combined with wicked craft. He can also present work brilliantly. 

My experiences with Howard have been both delightful and successful. 

He's a consummate pro who can both lead and create brilliant work. 


George Fuller

Creative Director / Writer

I’m not sure what to say about Howard. Or more precisely, how to say it. I don’t want to gush to the point of insincerity.  It drives me crazy when people do that. Still, gushing to the point of insincerity is what I feel like doing. Here’s the deal. I was creative director of a small, feisty ad agency in St. Petersburg. We were looking for an art director. Really, more associate creative director and creative partner for me.Lots of good books showed up. But of course, we were looking for more than a simply a good book. We were looking for a good person. And found that in Howard. Good book. Good person. I felt like I’d hit the mother lode. And I became even more convinced the more Howard and I worked together. What came to light subsequently were some characteristics that honestly I hadn’t expected. One, true openness and honesty. There’s much talk about the importance of these two qualities. But I find most of it is just talk. So you can imagine how gratifying it was to learn that with Howard openness and honesty seemed to be more than guiding principles. They seemed to be law. Two, a attitude. So easy to talk about. So hard to do. So you can imagine how delightful it was to discover in Howard a persistently positive attitude that seemed to come as naturally and as breathing. I mean, he doesn’t seem to let anything rob him of this precious gift. No mediocre account manager input. No bad client meeting. Nothing. So what do you think? Am I gushing?  Whatever sounds like to you, please know that it’s sincere. Terribly and irrevocably sincere.


Steve Conover

Creative Director,

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

It’s my distinct pleasure to write this letter of endorsement and recommendation for

Howard Beauchamp.When I was Senior Vice President Creative at ACLC Advertising in Toronto,

Howard was my Art Director and partner for a period of just over 2 years (between 2005 and 2009).

During that time, I found Howard to have a unique skill set. His conceptual ability is outstanding and he brings

an amazing volume of original, dynamic and compelling solutions to an advertising problem. Howard is a superb designer with the exacting eye of a true craftsman. He’s as committed to the perfection of the details of

every ad he works on as he is to the solution itself. Howard is a tireless worker who demonstrates his dedication

to an enviable, high standard that he brings to every project he tackles- be it big or small. I’ve also found

him to be a truly incisive thinker who comes up with ingenious ways to crack a difficult advertising brief.

He respects strategy and uses it brilliantly to inform his work.

Lastly, I’d just like to add that he’s a pure joy to work with. Always positive and up – even during those inevitable

times where you’re sent back to the drawing board for all the wrong reasons. I could talk about his type sense, his uncanny knack for film editing and even his affinity for radio (something not every art director brings to the table) but let me just close by saying, if it were me doing the hiring,

I’d hire him. You’re getting a peach.


Yours truly.

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Roasted Record Menu Board Design on actual vinyl records.
Qualia Retirement Planning Logo Design
Return To Office Logo Design and Branding
The Braford Restaurant Logo & Branding Design
Howardcre8s nori logo design and branding
Anclote Logo Design logo design and branding with creative vision
IMFA logo design and branding with creative vision
Howardcre8s Bloom Coffee Logo Design and Branding with creative inspiration
Shutterfish Photography Logo Design and Unique Branding
NewsTalk Florida Radio Station Logo Design + Branding
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